Scholars' Hall provides its students and their parents with . . .

  • A nondenominational school and curriculum that expects, promotes and celebrates good personhood and good citizenship;
  • A traditional, teacher directed school based upon family values and olde school standards of conduct;
  • An outstanding university and college acceptance rate of almost 100%;
  • Personalized and individualized instruction based upon a standardized academic assessment prior to admission;
  • A maximum class size of only 15 students;
  • A close working and personal relationship among teachers, students and parents;
  • An athletic and House program that involves all students;
  • Up-to-date computer facilities offering high speed internet access, wireless mobile laptop connectivity and productivity software;
  • An strong artistic program including the visual and performing arts;
  • Kind, caring, teachers consistently dedicated to the education, daily well-being and safety of your child;
  • International students from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds;
  • Academic standards that exceed provincial requirements;
  • Report Cards, interviews and very frequent communications that keep parents informed, involved and up-to-date;
  • An integrated and excellent work ethic and skills development program integral to the full day's instruction with an emphasis on individual educational achievement;
  • Personal support and expert postsecondary guidance;
  • Intermural and extracurricular activities and clubs for students all ages fostering belonging in our school's community and building a high level of school pride;
  • Many, value added, Parent Opportunities to join in the SH community with other parents of Nice Kids attending Scholars' Hall.

Scholars' Hall has high standards appropriate for each of our students and has earned a reputation as a strict but fair academic institution. Scholars' Hall has continually met and exceeded expectations and requirements in our regular inspections by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

KW's Affordable Private School preparing Nice Kids for University and College