Hopesping Campaign

Jan. 31, 2017

Hopespring - Never Give Up!

Hi We are the Law family. Like many, our lives have been directly impacted by cancer over the past year and continue to as Line lives with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Last week we received the devastating news that Hopespring Cancer Centre is closing its door as of March. Hopespring offers the KW region with support groups, education, therapy and many more other essential services to cancer patients and caregivers. As of March, all these services offered free of charge to our region will disappear. If you are impacted by the devastating diagnosis that you have cancer, your closest option to accessing these types of services will be driving to downtown Toronto -- not a viable option for most.

One of the important service that Hopespring offers is support to the children whose lives have been affected by cancer. The children get together with their peers and discuss what living with cancer means -- to them. My 11 year old son Frederick has been participating in this group for the past year. He is devastated by this closure and has started -- on his own with the support of his school, Scholar's Hall -- a fundraising effort to keep Hopespring open. Here is Freddy sharing the word...

We are appealing to the residents of our region, our elected officials and head of corporate businesses, the media and Hopespring's Board of Directors. You have to do the right thing for our community and help us find the funds to keep Hopespring open. Your donations and sponsorships are vital to Hopespring's continued success.

We all have and will continue to be impacted by cancer - let's face it cancer is not going anywhere. We are fortunate enough to live in a region where treatments are available. Chemo, radiation and surgery are only a part of living with cancer. Hopespring offers a holistic approach to dealing with the day to day struggles of living with cancer.

Again, elected officials and citizens of KW, help us help Hopespring by sharing this message via social media. Never Give Up!

Line, Ken and Frederick Law
For more information - go to Hopepring.ca