The Brothers Grimm: Out of Order

Jan. 24, 2017

Spring Production 2017

When brothersJake and Will Grimm can’t agree on a script, they end up in a fight — pages areswapped, plots intermingled...  it’s a complete mess!  After all,Jake likes blood and guts, and Will likes fluffy bunnies and happyendings.  What’s worse is that the principal is coming to see a productionof the show in less than half an hour!  The intermingled storyline now hasHansel and Jorinda on their way to meet the stage mother and her two evil stepdaughters, Gretel and Joringel — who’s so happy to be part of the “A” story,he’ll do it in drag!  Meanwhile, Rapunzel, who’s been demoted fromingénue to character actress, wants her son, Prince Charming (played by awise-guy with big-time family connections), to go to the Gingerbread Castle fora ball to meet his true love, the evil witch Cinderella.  Withname-calling, finger pointing and lots of “I quits,” the entire show collapsesjust as the principal arrives.  But all is not lost!  The producerrallies the troops with an incredible cheesy speech, and the cast dishes outthe works of the Brothers Grimm in six minutes and 12 seconds.  Andalthough they don’t truly succeed, they actually find their own path to happilyever after. 

Auditions are open to all students grades 4 to 12 on Wednesday January 25th, Thursday January 26th, and Friday January 27th. Please come prepared to read over the assigned audition package. Sign ups for auditions are at the front office.