smart kids who want to do better
  1. the student is of average intelligence or above;
  2. the student is academically capable of achieving in a grade appropriate program;
  3. the student is a person of good and moral conduct;
  4. the student will continue to meet the standard of good citizenship;
  5. the student is sincere in the desire to improve academic performances;
  6. the student's parents will support and promote the philosophies, standards & policies, the staff and the decisions of Scholars' Hall.

Students will be expected, at all times, to be good citizens, and respectful of authority. Students will be required to complete all assigned tasks to the best of their ability and they will be challenged to achieve to their potential. Students will treated with consistency, understanding, and fairness. Scholars' Hall students will be expected to develop an understanding of their individual responsibility for personal choices. When a student meets or exceeds expectations we are able to accomplish our Objectives and they will, most assuredly, experience the JOY of LEARNING!

Admission Process 
Admission to Scholars' Hall Private School can be completed in as little as a few days. Typically, the admission process is as follows: 

1. Call Scholars' Hall for a tour/meeting (519 888 6620) 
2. Meet with Fred or Cheryl 
3. Book a day where your child(ren) visit a classroom to experience the Scholars' Hall difference! 
4. Complete the Academic testing (not a condition of acceptance, but rather to establish the best classroom for your child) 
5. Complete the Registration, Health Forms, and Parent Questionnaire 
6. Inform Scholars' Hall about how you'd like to pay the tuition (set up internet transfer, hand in post-dated cheques, or any other payment needed) 
7. Fit your child for the uniform (make cheques payable to Eagle Speed Canada Inc.) 
8. Welcome to the family! 

Scholars' Hall will contact your child's former school to make the transfer official. An OSR request form will be faxed out and your child's academic records will come directly to us.