Scholars' Hall - Goals and Philosophy               

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  • to develop in each student a knowledge of their own personal worth;

  • to develop an awareness of the potential they have been given;to awaken the drive to use that potential;

  • to develop in each student an honest pride in their successes and the determination to continually strive to improve.

  • to help students  be aware that they are constantly making decisions which have consequences for them and others and that they are responsible for their actions;

  • to provide parents with direct, honest, and frequent evaluations of their child's academic progress.

  • In this day and age, it is increasingly important that your children master certain fundamental basic skills; develop a life-long work ethic, and acquire a positive attitude towards competition and personal success. These attributes belong to individuals who are b economic, social, or political leaders in our society today. Early in your children's years and throughout their school lives, you groom them for their eventual successes. Now, more than ever before,your children need the traditional academic skills and positive personal attitudes provided by a Scholars' Hall education.

  • Scholars'Hall  is a teacher-directed school. Structure and discipline are a constant focus. Lessons are taught to the whole class. Attentiveness is expected. Respect is required. Effort and diligence are necessary. Homework is assigned and checked daily.

  • Scholars'Hall has a unique educational partnership. It is the school's responsibility to give children an academic education. It is not the parents' responsibility to teach their children reading or mathematics. That is the school's responsibility. It should not be the parents' responsibility to teach their children how to study, how to research, or how to write an essay.That is the school's responsibility. It is not the parents' responsibility to help their children with their homework or to make sure that it gets done. That is the school's responsibility.

  • It is Scholars' Hall's responsibility to report often and well to parents. Report cards are sent home with a frequency that is double the public schools (interim,mid-term and end of term for of the two high school semesters). Achievement is reported as a percentage within a range that corresponds with the Ministry of Education's four levels of achievement. There are no Professional Development Days at Scholars' Hall during the school year. Interviews are held, not during the school day when parents are at work, but in the evenings when parents can come (4 to 6 interview opportunities are scheduled throughout out the year) . There are very few trips and the ones that do occur are curriculum related or they important for the development of community. Scholars' Hall participates in the Grade Ten Literacy Test but,Scholars' Hall does not in the Grade 3, 6, or 9 Provincial tests. These tests are not normed or standardized and they require a week to administer. This time can be better spent teaching.

  • It is the parents' responsibility to raise children who are well behaved,respectful and well mannered with good morals and ethics. It is the parents' responsibility to raise their children so that their children's daily conduct demonstrates, fosters and allows easy class management, little or no discipline and positive academic attitudes giving the teacher the opportunity to provide instruction. It is Scholars'Hall's responsibility to use the required instructional hours for just that - instruction.

  • Students will be expected, at all times, to be good citizens, and respectful of authority. Students will be required to complete all assigned tasks to the best of their ability and they will be challenged to achieve to their potential.Students will be treated with consistency, understanding, and fairness.Scholars' Hall students will be expected to develop an understanding of their individual responsibility for personal choices. When a student meets or exceeds expectations we are able to accomplish our Purposes and Objectives and they will, most assuredly, experience the JOY of LEARNING.

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